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How much or what kind of life insurance do your really need? Getting the right coverage starts with setting goals, understanding what kind of Life Insurance you need and how much you need. We offer affordable Term Life Insurance as well as Whole Life Insurance. We teach our customers about the living benefit of Life insurance and how you can use it as a way of building family wealth as you work towards retirement. Request your free Life Insurance quote or complete our online Life Insurance questionnaire so we can work with you and help you fulfill your Life Insurance need.

Merrimack Financial
» Philosophy

Merrimack Financial Services, Inc. has been teaching Merrimack Valley residents how to plan for retirement since 1992. Our unique approach to protecting assets, increasing income, and reducing taxes has made us the most sought after planning firm in our area.

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» Charles Schwab

We work with Charles Schwab to help prepare you for retirement.

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Consider a professionally managed, diversified portfolio of mutual funds or ETFs.

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