Financial Services

Through our Sister company Merrimack Financial we are proud to serve our clients financial service needs. Merrimack Financial provides assistance in many areas including Debt Management, College Planning, Wealth Management, and Retirement Services.

We utilize fee based planning with Charles Schwab and based on the needs of our clients, utilize a multitude of additional companies as well. We do not do well unless our clients are doing well!

Debt Management for Massachusetts

Debt Management

Debt management is something rarely discussed by traditional Financial Advisors. As we all know debt can follow us around for most of our life which causes most people to scramble when it comes to retirement. At Merrimack Financial we focus on ELIMINATING our clients debt which in turn provides our…

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College Planning

College planning is a key area of focus for our Merrimack Financial team. For many families especially those sending their first child off to college, there are so many unknowns and questions that need answering. Merrimack Financials’ staff helps, and shows our clients how to effectively save for this big…

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Retirement Services

Are you 100% sure you’re going to have a great retirement or do you have some doubt? Our Sister company Merrimack Financial works with its clients to put them on a path to a long, sustainable, and happy retirement. We have helped hundreds and hundreds of clients achieve their dream…

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Wealth Management

Our team at Merrimack Financial prides themselves on putting their clients in the best possible situation to allow their money to work for them. Using a multi leg approach to ensure our clients risk line stays centered and that their money is safe, secured, and building. Using fee based planning…

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