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Water Back Up/Sump Pump Coverage

Water Back Up/Sump Pump Coverage

“Where’s the Sun?”
We’re finding ourselves asking that question a lot recently! Rain can cause some unpredictable water damage. So, it’s important to know what an insurance policy will cover for water damage and what it excludes.

Water Damage: What is Covered

Homeowner’s insurance generally may cover any sudden or accidental water damage that originates inside the home. For example, damage from a frozen pipe bursting or a roof leak from a fallen tree.

Water Damage: What is NOT Covered

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover water damage caused by wear and tear (aging roof, gradual damage from leaky faucets, mold/rot). And unless you have the package endorsement, damage caused by sewers and sump pumps is not covered.
Water damage due to wear and tear will always be excluded. But what about sewers backing up because of tree roots or sanitary blockage? Or what about a sump pump overflow? Aren’t this considered accidental or sudden? In a way they are but they are also considered preventative.
Water Back up coverage covers sewers, drains and sump pump overflows, along with personal belongings damaged as a result. This endorsement excludes repairs/replacement of a broken sump pump, flood damage, and maintenance issues/wear and tear. Repairing water damage can be unpredictable and not to mention, costly. Let’s be prepared together and add Water Back Up/Sump Pump coverage onto your policy!