Condo Insurance: Are you Properly Covered?

When you purchase a condominium, you want to protect that investment in case of a loss – whether a fire, plumbing catastrophe, liability or theft. The Condo Association should maintain insurance on the building, their coverage will not deliver all the coverage a condo owner needs.
It is important for condo owners to know that the insurance that condo associations have, don’t typically cover all damage to the structure or contents in a member’s condo unit. This leaves an insurance gap and making condo owners vulnerable to financial loss.
In that case, all condo owners should obtain a Condo Insurance policy also known as an HO-6 Policy. This type of insurance policy will insure your specific unit and provide liability coverage. When purchasing an HO-6 policy, be sure to review your Condo Association coverage with us so we can create an insurance policy that won’t leave you with any gaps in coverage.
HO-6 Policies Cover:
  • Structural damage to the interior unit. (Floors, Walls, Ceilings, etc.)
  • Appliances/Windows
  • Loss of personal property and valuables (Furniture, Clothes, Electronics, etc.)
  • Temporary housing costs incurred after a fire or storm made your condo uninhabitable.
  • Liability for accidental injuries or damages to others (Pet Biting, Slip and Fall, etc.)
Condo Association Policies Typically Cover:
Each association has insurance that is unique. So, it is important to double check exactly what your association would cover in the event of a loss. A few things they may cover are:
  • Roof
  • Siding
  • Original interior of the condo (They may not cover interior if anything was updated such as Carpet, Counter Tops, Cabinets, Appliances).
It’s important to note that policies can vary, and it’s crucial to carefully review the terms, conditions, and limits of your specific policy to understand the extent of coverage provided.